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Job Title: Residential Program Manager


Department: Residential Services


Hours: Full-time, 40 hours per week primarily M - F.      

Compensation: Salary, plus benefits

Summary of Job Responsibilities:  Provides coaching, support and supervision of Wings of Refuge participants living in our Restoration Home and our Transitional Living Center (TLC).  This role is assigned primarily to the management of our Transitional Living Center (TLC) and leading the transition of women in and out of the program.  Depending on the number of participants in each home, this role will flex between the TLC and the Restoration Home as needed, working together to create an environment in which women feel safe and supported.


Key Skills: Ability to prioritize, conflict resolution, crisis management, behavior analysis, strength-based, responsive vs. reactive, ability to maintain a calm presence amidst pressure.


Education and Experience: Preference will be given to individuals who possess a degree in social work, psychology, or counseling or an equivalent amount of experience. Experience within a residential program is highly desirable.

Note: This role works directly with female participants in our residential homes. Wings of Refuge follows a trauma informed care approach and due to the nature and sensitivity of this job, a bona fide occupational qualification is that we can only hire women into this role.  

Click here to view/download the full job description.


To apply, please fill out the online application and send resume to

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