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Wings of Refuge began as a prayer movement. Staff meets on a weekly basis to pray. The board of directors pray together monthly. Through social media influence, abolitionists across the country pray for Wings and the injustice of sex trafficking consistently. It is our stance that prayer and intercession will continuously fuel the organization. Help us make restoration possible for one more girl with these prayers.

For the Lord to put His heart in the church for justice
For healthy sexuality and strong marriages
For healing from porn addictions and sexual abuse
For young lives to be mentored on the beauty of committed marriage/sex
For unity
For Satan to be bound
For participants who live in our home and others to come
For staff who work with participants

For Board of Directors who provide wisdom
For givers to continue to provide resources
For volunteers who give their time and talents
For provision through workers, resources, intercessors, finances
For growth and development to continue in the Wings organization
For buyers and pimps - Salvation or judgement
For cultural/governmental/global shifts in thinking
For education and awareness that leads to action and change
For human worth to be sacred in our culture

For Wings of Refuge and one more girl!


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