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Will 2019 Be The Year She Finds Jesus?

As I sat down to write this article, I began reflecting on 2018 while looking forward to 2019. What a year 2018 was for Wings of Refuge! If you follow us through social media or through email, you probably already know, last year, Wings of Refuge was able to purchase a larger home! Renovations on that home are nearing completion, and we hope to move soon from our three bedroom rental to a larger, five bedroom permanent home! YOU made that happen. Literally hundreds of people have prayed, volunteered, gave, donated supplies, and shared their many gifts and talents to make this dream of a permanent home a reality. THANK YOU!

God is good isn’t He! I’m continually amazed at how God inspires visions, orchestrates change, and motivates workers for His Kingdom in His timing. Our hope is that you in turn receive a blessing for what you have given. It’s impossible to express our gratitude in mere words. You have done exceedingly more than we could ever imagine and all Glory goes to our great God!

And we aren’t done yet! While renovations near completion at the new home, restoration continues at Wings of Refuge. Women continue to find safety, identity, community and opportunity all while experiencing the Father’s love through the dedicated staff, committed volunteers and intentionally programming at the home. In 2019, together with you, our faithful prayer warriors and givers, we plan to keep a light on for her. Restoration only happens when we continue to fight together for one more girl. We need you to stay in the fight, to continue to pray, to continue to give your talents, resources and gifts. YOU can keep that light on for her, and help her find her way home to Jesus, the only one who can truly bring restoration.

Last winter I started puzzle making. It clears my mind. One day as I was gazing at the 1000 small, separate, pieces of a new, unconstructed puzzle, it reminded me of the broken shattered pieces of our world, while at the same time, it offered a beautiful reminder of how each individual piece is perfectly formed, and with the maker’s hands, will eventually fit together to form a completed masterpiece.  

And I thought of our world and our BIG God and how satisfying it must have been on that seventh day after a long week of creation when He was able to say, “It is good,” and take a well-deserved rest.

With that, I started the puzzle. After many hours and weeks, I finally placed the the last piece. This time, however, it wasn't satisfying like it usually is. One piece was missing. I searched the floor, the chairs around the table, the box, the lid and it simply wasn't there. The puzzle was incomplete.

Again, my mind went to scripture and Luke 15, the parable of the lost sheep. Jesus explained that if a man had 100 sheep but lost one, he would leave the 99 to go look for the one. I spent a considerable amount of time looking for that lost puzzle piece, and in the end, walked away unsatisfied. And…. it's a puzzle.

How dissatisfied should we be about the lost, the forgotten, the castaways, the orphans. Can we just walk away?

Thankfully, God doesn’t walk away - ever! He pursues us constantly. He loves each piece of His beautiful masterpiece and relentlessly pursues every one. What a great promise! To know that He will leave the 99 to pursue the one is why together we must persevere in this fight to end trafficking for many more girls until ALL are brought home to the light of Jesus.

Will you walk away, satisfied that you have done enough, given enough, helped enough? Or, will you keep the light on of her in 2019? I hope you will. We need each of you. We need you to not be satisfied, to not walk away, to not leave it for the next person. We need YOU! We need your continued prayers, your talents, your resources and your gifts. Let’s make 2019 the year SHE will find Jesus who is already relentlessly pursuing her.

God bless EACH one of you in 2019.

Bev Shipley Executive Director


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