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Pray for Openings and Closings

The Wings House is a place of safety and structure. That is something that is often lacking in the lives of the women we welcome through our doors. As a staff, we try our hardest to foster daily consistency that creates a healthy foundation for growth and learning. Prayer is a big part of that consistency.

The work of Wings is not our work, we are just conduits. But one of the most important roles we can play as staff is to cover the house and the women who reside there in prayer. Praying at the beginning and end of each day, as we open and close the house, is part of our routine. At night: Blinds are closed, doors are checked, alarm systems are activated. Morning brings the reverse. I have begun to pray for openings and closings in the lives of our women, as I physically close and open the house each shift.

I pray that God would close the ears of the women to the lies of Satan. Lies like: they are not worthy, they are not loved, they will never be healthy or free. I pray that the Lord would close their eyes to harmful views of themselves - that they would not tear their bodies apart as they stand in front of the mirror. I pray that He would close their hearts to desires for harm, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and addictive behavior. I pray that He would close their minds to reliving the trauma they have experienced, to distractions, to temptations of self harm and the pull of addiction. I pray that as the day closes, they will know they have done the hard work of choosing healing for one more day, and that we are so proud that they have done the best they can.

As the sun comes up, we open the house and a new day with hope. I pray for the women’s ears to be open to Truth. I pray that they will hear and know that we believe in them, and that they are worthy of love, safety and affection. I pray for the opening of eyes to the possibility of a life free of trafficking and control, a life free of addiction. I pray for eyes to see themselves as beautiful, kind and gentle. I pray that the hearts of women would open and soften to the love that God has for them, that their hearts would be transformed by His healing and presence. I pray that their hearts would experience restoration, would learn to trust, and would begin to hope again. I pray that their minds would be trained to seek Truth and focus on hope. I pray for minds that are open to healing, to the hard work of breaking bondage and choosing health. As the day opens, I pray for women to be open to God making radical changes in their life. That they would make changes that will set them apart and draw them out of a life of bondage, and into a future filled with hope and health.

The work of healing and restoration that takes place at Wings is not easy, but it is vital. We pray the women through each day, and each step they take closer to a life of health and freedom.

Join us in praying actively and tenaciously for the women who come through the doors of Wings. They matter to God.

By: Tyler, Direct Care Coach


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