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God Delights When Exploitation Ends

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Early one cold Sunday morning, I spent a long time sitting in front of this paint palette. As the sun streamed through the window, I reminisced. My mind wandered through the tapestry that Wings has been over my 18 months here.

So many women have stood in this room and held this palate in their hands, allowing art and creativity to be a balm to their weary souls.

The layers of paint and the connection of colors is such a perfect depiction of these walls where so many women have found safety. Each survivor comes with a different story and a unique life that has been interrupted by exploitation and trauma. But no matter how hard or seemingly broken they arrive, we know they are deeply loved and valued.

This is a house that beauty has built.

What began as a dream and a prayer, born out of conviction, now stands as a living, breathing testament of God’s faithfulness.

It is a house that was built by the hands of committed volunteers who have turned it into a place of refuge and healing.

It is a house that was built by prayers and focused dreams of those who gave and believed and trusted.

This is a place where dreams are possible and new beginnings help bind up old wounds. Within these walls, women experience safety and freedom.

If you are anything like me, you often wish that Wings didn’t have to exist. Oh, for a world free of human trafficking and exploitation!

But this house, beautiful and strong, is a necessity.

In this month of Human Trafficking Awareness, we want to thank you for helping to build beauty and hope. We are aware that this work cannot happen without so many faithful people standing alongside.

For those of you who give faithfully, know that you are valued and your contribution makes a difference.

For the countless volunteers who give of their time and their love, so that women are valued and so that staff can breathe a little easier, thank you for your tireless devotion to our work.

We know so many of you pray daily for what happens in this house and for the women who find healing here. Your prayers move mountains and we would be lost without you.

Wings is part of a movement to bring an end to exploitation and trafficking. Healing and wholeness for the women who walk through our doors is our deepest longing. While we love our work, to be honest, I hope and pray that one day, we are out of a job. In the meantime, we march forward in beauty and hope, knowing that God delights when exploitation ends for one more girl.

By: Tyler, Direct Care Coach


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