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After the Pause, We Have Greater Resolve

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Wings of Refuge took time to “pause in His presence” in the fall of 2020. A time to devote to prayer, catch our collective breath, slow down to steady relationships and rediscover His purpose for each of us and this ministry. We are emerging from that “cocoon” of rest, unfurling our wings and ready to follow God into the next season. The year 2020 brought transition in leadership and staff. But our commitment to Christ-centered restoration for women rescued from the life of sex trafficking has not wavered. January is a month of well-intended resolutions, but for us at Wings, praying and pausing has strengthened life-long resolutions to:

• Remember that we carry her story with us and His story in us. • Be intentional at doing self- care. • Trust in God that He has a plan. We tend to go into panic mode when major changes come along and our flesh wants to be in control. Pausing, praying, and listening has been the sweetest gift to have learned. • Abide in the Father. • Remain connected with staff members! • Pursue unity and to trust that God is ultimately responsible for handling each situation in His timing. • Find the little things to be thankful for every day. • Recognize what it means to care for the women in our home and for ourselves. • Be bold to share what we are hearing the Holy Spirit speak in our hearts. • Sit at His feet and worship, giving thanks and praise for the miraculous things He has done. • Trust in God’s plan and perfect timing despite how bumpy the road is to get there. • Look for the wonder of God's love each day. • Daily invite Jesus into every emotion, response, and interaction we have. • Celebrate from contented hearts.

Thank you for praying, caring, giving and walking alongside Wings of Refuge. We appreciate each of you and look forward to sharing the hope and healing of Jesus together in 2021.

– The Wings of Refuge Family


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