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Anticipation of Redemption

"As we decorate and celebrate, we do so to mark the memory of your redemptive movement into our broken world, O God." – Every Moment Holy

ad•vent | the coming, or arrival of As we enter into the Advent season, we create space to remember the redeeming, coming King. We light candles, sing songs, we join the ancient Israelites in their anticipation of this Messiah to make right a world of wrongs. By partnering with these practices, we curate in our hearts an empathy and longing for redemption.

I have been reflecting on the parallels between this Advent season and the rhythms we walk out here in the restoration home - both anticipatory practices, awaiting a move of God and redemption. We welcome the Christmas season in ways many do with their families. We light Advent candles during devotionals and draw attention to the sudden light in the darkness that the candle symbolizes. Conversations surround hope, peace, joy, and love. We gather together and share meals to recognize the importance of communing with one another. We sing songs, decorate trees, and exchange gifts. Each of these rhythms are a moment of anticipation of redemption. Redemption in the form of Jesus Christ the Messiah and redemption in a survivor’s life. What was once wrong has now been made right, or is awaiting eagerly when right will be restored.

It is not something to be taken lightly - the opportunity to usher in redemption by way of rhythm and routine. Our restoration home does this clearly in the Christmas season and more subtly throughout the year. The moments spent washing new sheets, fluffing pillows, and making a bed all while praying for whoever would call this place home next, an anticipation of redemption. Baking cookies and awaiting the arrival of the next woman walking in our door, an anticipation of redemption. Hanging beautiful artwork on our walls and encouragement jars lining our shelves, an anticipation of redemption. It is an honor and a joy to usher in hope and healing through the space we create and the rhythms we uphold. They reflect a resounding joy of the coming King and the advent of her healing.

by: Emma, Direct Care Coach


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