It is said in the world of aftercare for sex-trafficking survivors that 80% is relationship building and 20% is fancy programs. WOR finds time to connect and offer bonding to each woman by treating her with dignity as the valuable person that she is.


At Wings of Refuge, consistency, dependability, and respect are keys to building trust. We show up, bond together, and remain united for as long as it takes.

Strength Based

We believe that every person is the expert of themselves. We will notice, discover, and appreciate the best in every individual, building on the unique strengths already present.

Mutual Brokenness

We acknowledge that every life experiences brokenness. Therefore, it is our high goal to embrace the brokenness with others.


We believe we are one part of a greater whole. We continually form networks in the fight against domestic sex trafficking. We seek to learn from others and to be a team builder of solidity whose united goal is to work wisely in the area of abolition.


We acknowledge the complex battle in the abolition of domestic sex trafficking and the multi-faceted levels of influence necessary to gain victory over it. Yet, we remain centered to the call of restoration and will utilize all available resources to this end.


Healing is hard work and worthy of acknowledgement. Therefore, within Wings of Refuge we continually celebrate the fruit that healing produces.


We believe that the healing of one is for the many and we acknowledge that if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an army to restore one. To accomplish this, we depend on each other by offering and receiving help, living genuinely, and giving unconditional love.


We believe that what has been stolen can be given back, what feels dead can come to life, what is broken can be made new, what feels stained can be cleansed. Therefore, we will use a strength-based model to empower and equip each participant to live a life of hope and possibilities.


We believe that safety offers an environment of trust. Therefore, it is vital to protect identities, physical and psychological well-being, and personal information. Together,  staff and the participant will develop a “safe contact list” in order to maintain everyone’s safety if one has not already been developed.

Declare Glory

We believe that the greatest honor of life is to be an agent of grace that illuminates the Light of Jesus to the world. Therefore, we will, through the power of the resurrection in us, believe, receive, and do what the Word says.