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The No-Show Tea Party is a fundraiser for Wings of Refuge, which is a long-term safe home that provides opportunities for healing and restoration to survivors of sex trafficking.

In serving survivors, we've found that healing happens when we take the time to be present with others. We invite you to join us by slowing down and being present while you enjoy a cup of tea.

Please consider your most generous financial gift of $50 or more to Wings of Refuge. Your contribution of any amount ensures that survivors have a safe place to slow down and heal in community. You’re not too late to show up for her! While you pause with a soothing cup of tea, your gift is doing the work — so exploitation ends for one more girl.

How to participate: Slow down, drink tea, and give by July 31st!

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At Wings of Refuge, the pathway to healing and hope after exploitation now includes employment through the social enterprise. ONE MORE provides trauma-informed work opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking  as they make hand-crafted products for local consumers. We need your help investing in the relaunch and expansion of this program, as well as ongoing restorative care to continue to light the path toward dignity and freedom.

"Growing up, no one ever hung my drawings or homework on the refrigerator. No one wanted to keep the things that I  made. So, it was amazing to see people not only want a  bracelet that I had made but even pay money for it."

– Maggie, Wings Participant


Consider your most generous gift today to end sex trafficking

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