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You just escaped from the worst nightmare and ran for your life. You run and run and run, but you can’t find your way back home. Eventually, you come to a gaping canyon. As you catch your breath, you notice the darkness is still chasing you and wants to steal you back. There isn’t much time.

On the other side of the canyon, you see a way out. But there’s no way to get there. Escaping from sex trafficking and starting over can feel a lot like this.


Overwhelming. Hopeless. Alone.



Somehow, a bridge is built over the canyon and the possibility of new life overwhelms you with hope!

Wings of Refuge is that bridge and your generosity makes it possible for survivors of sex trafficking to have a path to freedom. Here she finds safety from the darkness and support as she recovers and walks toward a fresh start. Many women have already walked this bridge to freedom, but many more are still in need of safety and hope. Would you give so she has a path to new life?

"Wings has given me the chance to live again,

the chance to dream, the chance to break the cycle.”

– Survivor


Consider your most generous gift today to end sex trafficking

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