At Wings of Refuge, the pathway to healing and hope after exploitation now includes employment through the social enterprise. ONE MORE provides trauma-informed work opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking  as they make hand-crafted products for local consumers. We need your help investing in the relaunch and expansion of this program, as well as ongoing restorative care to continue to light the path toward dignity and freedom.

We asked the survivors to come up with a few words that describe their experience at Wings of Refuge and they came back with: “Restored Wings Fly.” What seemed  simplistic at first glance, captured our hearts as we pondered the depth of their words. Restored wings really do fly, and they encourage others  to do the same.

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"Growing up, no one ever hung my drawings or homework on the refrigerator. No one wanted to keep the things that I  made. So, it was amazing to see people not only want a  bracelet that I had made but even pay money for it."

– Maggie, Wings Participant

Your support of Wings of Refuge gives women like Maggie the opportunity to discover that she has something valuable to offer the world. This mindset shift is the catalyst she needs to step beyond healing from her past and rise into a future of independence and hope. 


Will you give to restore her wings? We believe...

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Consider your most generous gift today to end sex trafficking