Show Transcript - Hi! I am [name] and I’m a part of the Wings of Refuge family.​ I don’t know what’s going on in your life today, but I’m so glad you’re here! Maybe you are just starting to think that something needs to change or maybe you are ready to take the next step and move somewhere new to reset and rebuild your life. No matter where you are in your journey, it takes a lot of courage to even look into a place like Wings of Refuge and imagine that life can be different. A new start is possible and we believe you can do it! No matter who you are, you deserve to feel safe in your own space and to have the freedom to say yes or no. Your needs matter and you matter greatly. You are welcome here and we hope to hear from you!

Wings of Refuge is a safe place for women 18 and older who have ever experienced sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Is Wings of Refuge for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

What questions would have helped you understand that what happened to you was sex trafficking?


  • Was I ever required to have sex to meet my needs?

  • Was I ever required to have sex in exchange for something of value, like money?

  • Did someone ever threaten to harm me or someone else if I did not perform sexual acts?

  • Did I ever sell myself for sex in order to survive?

  • Was I ever prostituted…

  • Did someone I know and trust ever force me to have sex for money?

  • Do I desire the opportunity to reset and rebuild my life?

  • Were you ever required to have sex in exchange for something of value, like money or drugs?

  • Has your boyfriend or someone you know and trust ever asked you to engage in sex for money in order to help the relationship or family?

  • Were you ever prostituted and told that you aren’t capable of doing anything else?

  • Has someone made you dependent on them for things like drugs, money, a place to live, or food to eat?

  • Did someone ever threaten to harm you or someone else if you did not perform sexual acts?

  • Did you ever sell yourself for sex in order to survive?


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Five furnished bedrooms come with bed, nightstand, desk, chair, and closet.



Spacious full sized kitchen with everything you need to prepare food.

Living Room.jpeg


Comfy seating, tv, puzzle table,

and lots of space for relaxing.



Work stations, art easel, and a storage closet stocked with art supplies.



Treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and other fun fitness equipment. 

  • Spacious & private furnished bedrooms

  • Full sized kitchen for meal prep

  • Coffee bar stocked with coffee

  • Dishwasher

  • Fitness room with treadmill, bike, and weights

  • Art room stocked with art supplies

  • Sensory room with music and sensory items

  • Washer and dryer on main level

  • Computer available

  • Backyard with greenspace

  • Outdoor firepit for bonfires

  • Garden planted in early spring

  • Deck with patio furniture

  • Security cameras on site

  • Bicycles available

  • Air conditioning

  • Easy access to public transportation


The first 30 days of the program will be deemed a discovery period and will give time to transition and adjust to a new way of living. We will work together to make sure all of the participants needs are being met. This time also provides the participant and staff an opportunity to determine readiness and willingness to do the work necessary to recover, restore, and rise.  

  • Progress in the program will be evaluated weekly during this discovery period and determinations will be made with participant and staff regarding continuation with the program. 

  • This decision will include an evaluation of the commitment and willingness to the program. 

  • If staff and/or the participant decides it is not in your best interest to stay in the program, staff will work with you to develop a safe transition plan and exit from the program.


What to expect during your first 30 days:


  • Orientation to program handbook and schedule

  • Orientation to personal and home contributions 

  • Health assessment

  • Schedule wellness checks including vision and dental

  • Assess and apply for any paperwork needs (medical insurance, photo ID, birth certificate, social security card, school records, safe at home address, SNAP benefits, etc.)

  • Work with staff to adjust to program/community and begin programming

    • Daily devotions

    • Physical activity 3-6 times a week

    • 1:1 programming

    • Group programming

  • Work with staff to develop life skills not yet acquired

  • Attend initial sessions with the director, therapist, and substance abuse counselor

  • Build relationships with peers, staff and volunteers