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When Seeds Bloom

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Whether a woman comes to Wings and stays for five days or two years, seeds are being planted. Seeds that hold truths about who they are and about who Jesus is. As a participant, I was blessed to have so many seeds planted. Intellectually, these seeds of truth made sense and I could see how they could be true. My heart could not understand how these things they were telling me about Jesus could be true. My heart had been lied to and manipulated too many times, it wasn’t going to allow it to happen again. I continued to feel invisible, unlovable, and unsure of who I was.

This summer, I was invited by people who are like family to me to join them on a vacation. As I was waiting at the airport to come home, it really hit me. These people had asked me to come on vacation with them. There was no obligation to ask me and yet they chose to ask me to come with them. They chose me. In that moment, I felt seen and loved, like I belonged. I didn’t need to know why they chose me, there was this overwhelming sense of peace and joy that washed over me.

As I began to accept that they chose me, a seed that had been planted many years ago finally translated beyond my mind and into my heart. Jesus chose me too. He chooses to love me every day, despite my many imperfections. He chose to die on the cross for my sins. I am never invisible, because He is with me every day. While sitting in the airport, tears began falling down my cheeks. I felt truly loved.

When a woman comes to Wings, they begin to learn truths. Whether those truths transfer to their heart while they are living at Wings or after they have left. God has chosen them. He chose me. He chose you.

By: Wings of Refuge Sex Trafficking Survivor


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